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A clean and well-tuned coffee roasting system is your best investment towards ensuring the quality of your roasts,

as well as building efficiency into your operating cost. A well maintained roasting system minimizes down time for

costly unplanned repairs. Our inspections and PMs assist in your maintenance budget planning and are a proven method to reduce repair cost and production down time.

On-Site Equipment Inspections:

Our On-Site Inspections provide your Roastery with a thorough examination of your roasting equipment and oxidizers. This includes a detailed equipment condition report with proactive recommendations to reduce production down time resulting from unplanned emergency repairs. Each inspection takes approximately 4 to 6 hours.  A complete Condition and Recommendations Report, including digital images are emailed within (7) days of the on-site inspection. We recommend these inspections on a semi-annual basis.

On-Site Periodic Maintenance Service:

Alliance technicians provide a complete maintenance cycle servicing for your coffee

roasting and ancillary equipment OR tailored periodic maintenance cycle focusing on the more complex

components of your roasting system(s).


The On-Site Periodic Maintenance (PM) is a thorough dis-assembly, cleaning and tuning of your roasting system; as per the manufacturers recommended guidelines.


Items completed during the PM Service:

 Comprehensive roasting system cleaning and lubrication

 Intermediate ducting removal and cleaning

 Drum drive train adjustments

 Bearing wear evaluation / replacement

 Burner tuning

 Combustion equipment troubleshooting

 Electric motor performance evaluation / replacement

 Oxidizer (afterburner) adjustments / repairs

 And more…

Additional On-Site Services:

 Installation & Commissioning

 Periodic Maintenance & Cleaning

 911 Repair & Service

 Pre-Purchase Equipment Inspection & Valuations

 Roast Profile Development & Analysis

 Staff Training on Equipment Operations and Safety Protocol


Off-Site Services:

 Parts Sourcing

 Parts / Component Custom Fabrication

 911 Technical Support

 Roastery Equipment Relocation

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